“I’m only happy when it rains….”

…Well not quite. I will start off by saying this is my first real post! Woo. So here goes….

I am completely stoked about sleeping in today, woke up at 6:30. I know you are probably thinking that sounds early, but for the past few months my sleeping cycle has had me waking up at 3, 4, or 5am EVERY day! I’ve been sleep deprived, my mood has been edgy and I never have energy. I guess I can thank the graces and makers of Unicom for giving me back a few much needed hours of sleep.

Off to other things…

A preview of this week:

Today I am catching up with my  London Loves (friends, now considered family that I met while in London last semester) this afternoon for a much needed get together. They always brighten my dreary days. I’m really sad we can’t all get together more often. Since the semester in nearing an end everyone will be leaving for home, so we wanted to have a meet-up before all of our crazy summer schedules start to consume our lives.

Tuesday I have my LAST final of Junior year! It is shocking to think that I will be graduating at this time next year, hello priorities.

The rest of my week is pretty chilled out. Thursday I am leaving for New york, no not NYC. I will be catching up with some more of my London Loves and getting crazy wild at a festival where  Brand New is playing! So excited to let loose and have fun.

I wont be posting during this weekend, but make sure you check back Sunday night to see how my weekend turned out, I’m sure I will have some stories to tell.

On another note, I haven’t yet decided if I should post pictures of friends/family on here. I really haven’t told anyone that I started a blog.

Thoughts on this: Bloggies, do you post pics of friends/family? If so, have you asked their permission to do so?


8 responses to ““I’m only happy when it rains….”

  1. i try not to post pictures of people unless i have their permission. people get strange when it comes to public broadcasting of faces.

  2. It just depends on the person. Some people I know they won’t mind. Other’s I will ask.

  3. Hey girlie!!
    Thanks for the comment on my bloggy!! ROCK that final! Most of my friends/family know about my blog and WANT pics of themselves on it! 🙂

  4. Hey There!
    Enjoyed your post. I know about sleep deprivation, the past few mornings I’ve been waking up at 4am
    after taking Ambien only a few hours before!
    It’s not all bad, I enjoy the solitude, and rush to write………
    Continued Success

    • I was thinking about seeing my doctor for my sleep issues, but I am very skeptical because I do not want to be put on ambien or any other sleep aid. I have been sleeping better lately though. How does it affect you, pros and cons?

  5. Hi There,
    Well, it’s not advisable to take ambien for more than 30 days, it helps me to fall asleep, but my problem is staying asleep. Ambien does at times let me sleep for six and a half hours without interruption that being a pro! A con I think would be that some people reported while under the influence of ambien, walking in there sleep, going to the kitchen and cooking something without remembering they did, I think I read one person went for a drive in his car… 🙂

  6. Glad you’re sleeping better! 🙂
    Wish I was…. 😦

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