Take Me To: Slovenia

I am going to start a weekly post about a country I would like to travel to. These posts will be called Take Me To’s. I will give some info on the country and give reasons why I would like to travel there. This also gives you guys the opportunity to give me some input on where you want to travel or if you have been to these places.

Slovenia: Location

Source: wwp.greenwichmeantime.com









Why I want to go: 

Slovenia is a slightly unheard of country. It isn’t really a touristy place, and it has a ton of history. I was watching  House Hunters International (go figure, right? ha) and there was a family wanting to purchase a holiday home in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. It was so beautiful I was surprised that I had never really heard much about this amazing country.

I am always looking for cultures and countries to explore and I am even more eager to learn about countries that are less popular than the touristy types.

Why you should check it out:

Do you like to race down the slopes in the winter? Slovenia has great skiing .

Are you in to architecture? Check out the Triple Bridges

Do you need some rest and relaxation? Slovenia has an abundance health and wellness clinics- Thermal and Natural Spas

This Take Me To post is short and sweet because it is 3AM on the East Coast. I promise to get more into detail on the next one.

Want more info on Slovenia? Click 

What countries would you like to explore?


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