To Au Pair or not to Au Pair, that is the question…

Au Pair is a fancy smanchy name for a nanny, it is also a great way to travel to another part of the world and work. Now don’t get me wrong, being an Au Pair doesn’t mean you can travel around and see the country you are in, it is where your main priority is the children you are nannying for and the family. As an Au Pair you have the opportunity to gain cultural intelligence and also create a bond with people who you may have never met unless this opportunity arose.

Last summer I was stuck in a rut about college. I was already three years into my business major and I was just not happy. I took a semester off of school to “think” about life and what I wanted to do. It gave me the time to search for options had I chose to possibly take a year off of school. Au Pairing was a realistic option for me because I enjoy being around children and want to travel, I am open minded and I am good at resolving problems. I really wanted to look more into Au Pairing services, and I was able to find a site that was credible.

I decided to change my major to Interior Design and transfer to a great school that is a topped ranked school in it’s Graphic and Interior Design programs. The point is that you should explore your options when it comes to figuring out what you want to do with your life. Who says you have to know your path at the age of 18? I’m 22 and I have changed my mind a hand full of times since graduating high school. Not everyone is meant for college, but there are other ways to make your dreams into a reality. I can’t say that I’ll want to do Interior Design for the rest of my life, but I will cross that bridge when it passes. When I graduate college maybe I will take a year off and Au Pair and then when I am ready I will apply for Interior Design jobs. Maybe I will get a job right after school, who really knows?


Anyways, just some more of my rambles for the night.




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