Back to where it all began…

In 2006 I was in high school and wanting to experience more, experience the world, so I did just that. I got information on an exchange organization called AFS ( that would send students to other countries, for either summer, year or half year programs. I chose to do a Summer abroad in Finland where I would stay with a host family and experience day to day life in a new culture to expand my horizons. This experience made me itch for more and led me study abroad in London for a semester in college.

Now, fast forward 6 or so years and I am headed back to the country that created my love for travel and new experiences. I am headed back to Finland, but this time as an Au Pair. I will be leaving May 21st and will return back to the states at the end of August to finish off my last year of college.

Being that this is supposed to be a “travel blog”, I would love to capture the essence of my experience daily when I am in Finland. Hopefully I can keep my word on this, because it would be a great way to document my experiences.

This little baby will come in handy when I’m away:  (Canon Rebel T3)

I’ll be sure to do some posts before I leave…

Hei hei 🙂


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