Finnish Summer- Guide to packing, part 1 of ?

I will be leaving the 21st to embark on a 3 month adventure as an Au Pair. I have travelled prior to this but Finland is a bit of a tricky climate to pack for. I am not sure if it will get hot ( hot for my taste is in the 70’s) or if it will be a mild summer. As I write this post, it is in the 50’s, which is actually ideal weather for me, I definitely prefer cooler temps. But here goes….

Most of my clothing is a neutral color- white, black, tan, etc. It is so easy to wear clothing over and over when it is a neutral, because you can accessorize and make the outfit much different. You wont get bored with your look and people wont think that you have been wearing the same outfit over and over if you change your accessories. My weapon of choice here: SCARVES! I love them- this is something I picked up from a few awesome roommates I had in London. Scarves are also perfect for Finnish weather, because it isn’t going to be too hot (I hope) or too cold so I will be able to layer.

Different colors, styles and textured scarves

When packing for this trip, I was thinking more function and comfort rather than what to wear out on my nights off. Honestly I will be running after a seven year old for three months, I want to fill my luggage with comfortable shoes… but I also wanted to have a pair of heels for my time off.

Here is a rundown of what I have so far… but this is still tenitive:

1. Walking shoes

2. Brown moccasins

3 & 7 Black and red TOMS – no explanation needed for these

4. Black pair of peep toe wedges- these are actually comfy

5. Dressier wedges

6. Black peep toe heels for my nights off

One item I do not plan to pack (but may change my mind) is a pair of rain boots- any suggestions of a comfy pair?

I also love purses/totes/bags, so an issue I have been having, is packing the perfect set of bags that I will actually use. I have tons of purses stacked up in my closet and had to purge most of the ones I was thinking about packing because they just weren’t functional enough.

Laptop bags

My favorite three laptop bags:

1 & 2 only go over the shoulder, but they are roomy.

3 is a cross body bag

Cross body bags:

1. Has lots of room and will hold my DSLR camera insert

2. Not too big and not too small will hold a good about of items

3. I love that it is tiny and light weight

This tote is quite possibly the BEST purchase I have made off of Etsy. I will most likely use this as my carry-on “purse” I never fill it up fully so it can easily fit under my seat on the plane.

So, help me out with my purse situation. Which ones would you take with you?

I’ll be back with another post when I start packing clothes…


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