Packing 101: A two week trip

For a two week trip you would think you need to pack a new outfit for each day… not the case. Here is an example of what I would pack for a two week trip abroad to London, in the fall. Your destination may be in a different season and a completely different climate, but you can adjust the clothing you pack to where you will be traveling to.

I am packing:

2 cardigans, 1 blazer, 1 dress button down shirt, 1 dressy shirt

4 basic tshirts

2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black dress pants

7 pairs of underwear- THESE CAN BE WASHED EASILY, 4 pairs of socks- ( I only wear socks when walking around in hotels, hostels, etc. or in walking shoes so I don’t pack many, 2 bras (can also be washed easily)

1 shirt and lounge pants for sleeping

4 scarfs

*All shirts/tops can be worn different ways and adding scarfs will also create a new look.

Hair brush, eyeglasses, contacts will all fit nicely on top of your clothes or tucked in between things. Pack these last.

Everything that will be packed, laying out.

I always keep a travel size face wash, tooth brush, tooth paste, razonr and deodorant in my carry on- so I do not forget it.

There is a pouch on my carry on that is zippered. This is where I keep all of my undergarments.

The final product. Everything nicely folded in to create more room. Shoes on the sides everything else is tucked in securely.

*On International flights you can take a carry on and a personal item: I always take this tote:

This tote can fit anything and everything in it, but be mindful when taking personal items. This is where you could put your cosmetics- if you have any liquids this is the place to put them, because it is easily accessible. Any of your gadgets would go in here and chargers, etc. Remember to leave some room for when you make your return home, you will most likely have some newly purchased items your will need to store.

Your flight attire will also give you another days worth of clothes while you are away.

 *Wear comfy pants/jeans, a shirt you can layer, a nice big scarf you can wrap yourself in if you or cold (or for a pillow), and a coat. One of the three pairs of shoes will be worn on the flight.

This is an easy guide to follow. I know it is hard to decide what you would want to wear for a full two weeks, but by interchanging clothing items it will give you more options and you wont waste all of the room in your bag for items you will never even wear. This will leave room for some items you may purchase during your travels.

If you have any questions or other guides you would like me to post, please let me know.




*This is a blog post that correlates with a website I have created for a Marketing class I am currently taking.


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