A Quick tip:

Traveling is an exhilarating experience and a time when you are stress free, but while traveling abroad you carry important documentation about yourself. Passports are basically your life line while abroad. It lets you into different countries and it lets your travel abroad easily. It also lets you back into the US once your travels have come to an end. Just to be safe it is always smart to make copies of your Passport, just incase something happens to your original. If you have copies at least your have some form of documentation on you.

When I travel I always make multiple copies of my Passport.

I leave one copy at home with my family.

One copy stays in my luggage.

And one with a close friend if I am staying with them while abroad.

This way, if your passport gets stolen, you misplace it or some other horrible occurrence takes place, there is documentation of who you are and where your are from.

*This is a blog post that correlates with a website I have created for a Marketing class I am currently taking.


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