Life in general is a massive adventure. You never really know what’s going to happen from day to day. I want to seize the day and just live a happy fulfilling life. I have been creating a list of things I want to do, I was going to do 25 before I hit 25, but I have decided to not have a specific time limit, maybe that will change–who knows. So heres the start of my “Bucket List” per-say.

-Bungee jump

-Sky Dive

-Live and work in a foreign country

-Go to China

-Create a piece of art. (I’m not artistic at all, but that’s the challenge, right?) I now major in Interior Design, and I am taking my first drawing class this semester- I love it!

-Go Vegan

-Karaoke in a bar or club. (It seems really silly but damn I have no courage, even with a few drinks in me!)

-Salsa Dance (I want a body like those girls on Dancing with the Stars)

-Live in Boston… let’s not forget that accent. ha

Have a little Yorkie puppy This past summer (July 2010) I rescued a Puppy Mill puppy- her name is Meika, she isn’t a Yorkie but she is my furbaby

-Donate a large amount of money to charity

-Learn how to cook properly. I like my food burnt, but  my future boyfriend/husband  probably wont share the love of charred food.

-Go on a road trip around the US

-Design my own home. In high school I considered majoring in Architecture (math skills a no no for me)

…Don’t worry I will be adding more as time goes on, and when I finally accomplish any of the above I’ll let you all know. 🙂


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