TRAVELING= my passion

Corfu Greece

I have always wanted to explore different cultures and countries, and I have been blessed to have been able to do some traveling in the past few years. The places I have traveled and the people I have met through my experiences have honestly changed me life. I would never take those experiences for granted and each day I am so thankful for every opportunity I have had. I have met some of my closest friends while abroad who I now consider family.

Where I’ve Been:

My first experience abroad was in 2006. I was just finishing up my Junior year of High School and I was so ready for a change of pace in my life. Always eager to try new things and go outside the norm, I applied for a Summer exchange program. I was accepted and chose to go to Finland, where I stayed for six weeks with a host family. Suomi (Finland) was such an amazing country. I went there not knowing the language and only minimal things to get my by. I left with knowledge, new friendships, and a host family that I now consider my second family.

Fast forward three years, add a confused and uncertain girl…and it’s me at the age of 20. Trying to figure out my life, find out what I really want to achieve and accomplish in it and the mess of relationships, a broken heart and a need for complete and utter change I was ready to get out of my unhealthy environment. After my six week stay in Finland, I instantly knew I had the travel bug. I could have stayed for another six weeks or a whole year and been completely content. So I was set on a mission to include school and travel. Of course I found exactly what I was looking for with a college Study Abroad Program. Destination LONDON, was in motion and I knew this was exactly what I needed. After the grueling application process and second guessing my every step, I knew this was for me and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from my goal. I was accepted and studied in London from September 2009-December 2009.

I had to take advantage of every possible travel opportunity while I was away! I mean come on– it is so inexpensive to get around Europe, there was no way I was passing that up!

My first adventure outside London was Scotland of course! ha ohh the love the Scottish have for the Brits. ;)

Next stop: BARCELONA!

My longest trip outside of London was for my Fall break. I had a little over a week off and took a trip with two of my really close friends to ROME and GREECE. It was amazing!

I couldn’t leave Europe without visiting the people who nurtured me as a young high school girl! I had to go back to my Finnish family. It was like bringing a baby home from the hospital… sorry I know I sound whacky, but I can’t really explain that feeling. It was the first time in three years I had seen my Finnish Family, but it was like I had never left. We had kept in touch over the three odd years, but this moment, the few days that I had been able to go back.. it just made everything come back, and that felt so amazing. I have to add that this was my only alone trip while I was in Europe for the semester, and I swear it was the most refreshing! I loved traveling alone, I was really proud of myself. :) Okay, I’ll stop being such a cheese ball.

Obviously being a college student and all I was only able to visit a few different countries, but I believe I made the best choices in the places I visited, with the best company.


4 responses to “Travel

  1. Hello Again!
    I had the good fortune to live and work in the South West of China, in Chongqing. I was there for three and a half years. I cherish the memories of those days. Summers swelter at a cool 41 Celsius!
    The Chinese people are the most beloved to my heart. I will return one day to live out the rest of my life there. China has a way of getting into your blood…..into your heart, and soul. And never leaves you! I would advise a visit in your travels…

    • Joe, your experience in China, makes me even more determined to visit there some day. It is one of my top places to travel to and I will someday get the chance to. I would love to hear more about your experience.

  2. Hello Again,

    I would love to share my experiences in China. I will chronicle some of my experience on one of my two blogs. I will keep you updated. My friend Rachel who is an accomplished author, and poet read some of my story in private correspondence, and liked what I wrote, she has encouraged me to edit and refine it a bit and blog it.
    I’m glad to hear China may be on your list of places to visit. If you do, be prepared for a great deal of culture shock, I experienced a good deal of culture shock upon my arrival in the mysterious land, but I was enthralled by it! I thought I landed on another planet when I arrived there after enduring 23 hours of flying time, by that I mean 23 hours in the air. I was living in a very densely populated city, but I loved the crowds and throngs of people. Chongqing is much like New York City, only bigger than it. I was mesmerized by all the neon lights….the huge neon advertisements at every turn. And the night view of Chongqing is beautiful to say the least. I was also able to get out to the countryside which was so green with flora, and so tranquil. Don’t you find being a traveler is so much more satisfying than being a tourist? After awhile I felt like a proud local! Some of the foreign friends I made from other European countries, would joke among ourselves as we observed tourist lost, and walking around almost in a daze, we called them snails due to their large backpacks, but I would often help them find their way, and interpret for them the best I could. I would even order for them in a few restaurants, one time I helped a guy order a dish mainly of beef noodles, but the waitress mistakenly took my order, and brought him noodles full of chili peppers! He was turning red as he ate them. I watched him with my girlfriend my from another table, we both felt awful, as she was Chinese she told the waitress of her mistake….In Chongqing it is part of the Sichuan Province, they cook with a lot of spices and very hot peppers. Living there was so awesome. I felt so alive there, here in America I feel dead in comparison. I worked there as an educator. Those years were enthralling!
    Best to you…..

  3. Hey There!
    Hope you get a chance to come by and read my latest post. Internet and blogging behind the Great Friewall. Click my username, check it out!


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